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Fitness in the Workplace

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W hether it’s to lose weight or just get healthier, we all wish we had more time to exercise. One of the biggest excuse we tell ourselves is that we are just too busy with our jobs. But imagine if your job helped you to lose weight. Well a company in Dartmouth Nova Scotia did just that. By implementing a workplace wellness program, they were able to help their entire workforce get healthier. With 19% of their employees classified as obese, Efficiency Nova Scotia took action and implemented the program by first doing an Employee Health Risk...

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Supporting Chronic Illness in the Workplace

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C hronic illness affects an estimated 17 million Canadians. With conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and asthma chronic illnesses are often the result of advance age. And as Canada’s workforce begins to get older, that number will begin to rise. Although these conditions can often be managed by treatments and lifestyle changes, support in the workplace for those inflicted is sorely needed. Monique Gignac from the Institute for Work & Health points out that chronic illness not only affects employee health, but also the...

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Benefits of Massage Theraphy

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More and more companies are recognizing the importance of adding paramedical services to their group benefits plans. One of the more understated of these services is therapeutic massages.

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