Health and Retirement Packages For Organizations


Here to Help Your Company with Finding & Administering the Best Health & Retirement Plan

For many business owners, finding the time and making sense of the complicated world of group insurance, extended medical plans, dental plans, prescriptions, pension and retirement packages can be overwhelming to make sense of.

Health & Retirement Plan Administration

Do you know how to administer health and retirement plans?

Reduce Plan Cost

Are you worried about the costs related to designing and administering a benefits package?

Experience & Knowledge

Are you experienced and knowledgeable to provide the right assistance to your employees?

Save Time

Do you have the time to spend on researching and comparing quotes let alone knowing for sure that the package you’re choosing works best for your company’s budget and needs?

Our Group Benefit Services Include

• Comprehensive review & top-down analysis of the existing plan.

• Plan design & renewal analysis.

• Comprehensive plan implementation programs.

• Administrative support and training.

• Cost containment strategies.

• Monthly or Quarterly experience reports identifying plan usage trends.

• Personalized employee communication.

• Employee benefit meetings & education sessions at your request.

Our Group Retirement Services Include

• Comprehensive review and analysis of your existing plan features and plan design.

• Terminated employee and retiree financial planning.

• Plan Administration support and training.

• Financial Advisor assistance for employees.

• Annual information return filing program available.

• Registered savings options to suit your organization & budget.

• In-person employee education sessions for staff.


This is where Calla Financial Services can help!

Not only are we contracted with all of Canada’s major insurance providers, investment and retirement companies, most of our staff have worked for these firms and have intimate knowledge to get superior quotes and rates. More importantly, we understand the frustrations that business owners have when trying to tackle these big issues.

Why Businesses Should Offer Benefit Packages for their Employees?

You Can Keep Your Top Talents

Having exceptional talent working at your business is vital if you want to see your company continue to grow. Retaining your committed workers is a priority that you must address with the proper executive benefits package. If you don’t, your competitor will.

Employees Highly Value Benefit Packages

According to Mercer Canada`s 2015 Inside Employees’ Minds™ Survey the salary is the most valued element of their employment. After the salary, the retirement plan and health coverage are the second and third most valued elements of their employment respectively.

You Can Have Tax Incentives

Your business can deduct employee benefits and retirement expenses and get tax advantage by deducting plan contributions.

You Can Increase Employee Morale, Productivity & Loyalty

It has been shown that benefit packages reduce health care costs, decreases employee absenteeism and turnover. Promoting a healthy work environment, providing a wide variety of health options for employees and giving them more reason to care about your company will result with your company`s success.

The Calla Team helps you eliminate the confusion and present all of your options in a clear, easy language. We’ll answer all your questions.

Working with Calla Financial Services, your company can design and implement an attractive benefit package that retains your top talent. Having a healthy work environment and keeping employees working at the company in a long-term will lead your company to a success. Let’s get rid of your headache and give you a clear mind to make your decision.

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