Health and Dental


Health & Dental Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Families

Individual Health and Dental plans are excellent solutions for self-employed individuals or those with no company insurance coverage.

These plans offer flexibility, plan designs offer variety and payment options gives you the ability to receive the quality health and dental care you need. You can choose what coverage is most appropriate to suit your personal needs. 

Generally applicants are subject to health/medical underwriting, however, some plans can be guaranteed issue without medical underwriting requirements.

 ***If you have group coverage through your employer, individual health and dental coverage may still be an appropriate consideration


Let`s Convert Your Group Insurance to Individual Coverage with Great Rates & No Health Underwriting!

If you leave your place of employment, and would like to apply for conversion health and dental insurance, you should be addressing this requirement within 60 days of termination. After you apply, you will receive more favorable rates as well as the benefit of no financial or health underwriting.

Your new coverage will not exactly match your previous coverage through your employer, however, plan design is very flexible, you will have the ability to select a plan and payment program that best suits your needs.

We work with all major insurance companies across Canada including,

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