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Retirement Plans Tailor Fit to Your Company`s Budget & Goals

You may be considering setting up a retirement program for your employees, and maybe you would like to tailor it to fit your company budget and goals. But do you know where to begin? Whatever you need with your company retirement options, Calla Financial Services can assist and show you what the long-term forecast will look like down the road.

Our team of experts can help you with;

Identify Employee Needs

Identifying your employee’s needs and showing them what the future can look like

Compare Plans

Comparing retirement plans to suit the needs of your organization

corporate retirement plans: DCPP, group RRSP, DPSP,Group TFSA, NRSP


1.Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP):

Unlike a Defined Benefit Pension Plan, this plan puts less risk on the shoulders of employers since it foresees known pension contributions from both employee and employer. The contributions are not taxed until employees start to withdraw at retirement. In fact, since 2008, the trend is towards the expansion of Defined Contribution Pension Plans (DCPP).

2. Group Registered Retirement Saving Plan (Group RRSP):

Often the employer matches the funds (to a specified limit) that the employee contributes to the plan. The same tax shelter benefits for a regular RRSP apply to a group RRSP as well.

3. Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSP):

DPSP allows an employer to share a portion of corporate profits with employees. With this option, the strategy needs to be developed for how to invest the profits in the plan. Your options can include Canadian Bonds, Guaranteed Investment Funds, Balanced Funds, Equity Funds, Segregated Funds or even International Equity Funds. Funds go into a separate account, and the government doesn’t tax the employees until they take out their allocated share from their DPSP. Profits accumulate and potentially grow without the employees being immediately taxed.

4. Group Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA):

Group TFSA allows employees to earn investment income while providing them a tax shelter. It brings additional room for retirement savings and employees can freely deposit or withdraw money up to specified annual limits. It is generally considered as an add-on to an existing retirement plan.

5. Group Non-Registered Savings Plan (NRSP):

NRSP gives extra room for employees to make additional contributions if they excess maximum annual amounts allowed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for registered plans. It can be used to save for short or long-term goals, however, unlike the TFSA and RRSP, is subject to annual taxation.

At Calla Financial Services, we focus on personalized care and attention by bringing value to our partnership. Our team of experts will give you an informed position to make the best judgment call to maximize future retirement returns for tomorrow.

Group Savings and Pension Plan Options Available to Canadian Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

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