CADA 360 Benefits Plan


Designed & Managed by Dealers for Dealers

CADA 360 - Car dealership Employee Benefit Plan

CADA 360 is owned by your peers in the Auto Industry and is specifically designed to meet your industry needs. Here at Calla Financial Services, we believe that this industry-specific knowledge helps us help you by providing employee benefits products that meet your car dealership`s specific needs and budget.

Our Team Understands the Unique Needs of Your Car Dealership

Specialized Knowledge

We know that your service department employees need something different than your car sales representatives. Dealer principal and executive staff need something different yet again.

Discounted Rates Going Forward

You get the benefits of plan design, governance and profits generated which comes back to you by means of discounted rates going forward.

Perfect Fit for Your Dealership

The CADA Benefits Plan provides you with savings and improvements in plan design. It has a business owner component, featuring succession planning and retired benefits options that you may find of interest too!

Canadian Automobile Dealers Association-CADA and CADA360 Back To Your Circle

We are an active member of the Canadian Auto Dealers Association (CADA).

As a participating CADA member, Calla Financial Services is engaged in and supports all its initiatives, including industry market research and sales trends.

CADA 360 Benefits Plans is Designed & Managed by Dealers for Dealers

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