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Put in Safeguards to Protect Yourself from Unexpected Setbacks

We are all busy in our personal lives. Work and our day-to-day activities consume all of our thinking to only be focused on the present, and it gets complicated to chart out a course to protect yourself in the present and plan ahead for the future. At Calla Financial Services, we believe in a simple but systematic approach to managing the risks of daily living. Our Holistic Approach to identify your personal insurance needs will enhance your existing one or put in safeguards in case of unexpected setbacks such as diagnosis of a serious illness, death of a family member, helping aging parents or a loved one, loss of a job or unexpected house or car expenses.

Our process starts with a careful analysis which helps us match you with appropriate and affordable insurance solutions best suited to you. This analysis takes into consideration any group insurance coverage that you may have through your employer or other sources.


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