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7 Kinds of Personal Budgets and How They Work

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7 Kinds of Personal Budgets and How They Work It can be easier to know where you are at financially and achieve your financial goals if you keep track of your money every month. A budget can help you monitor your money and make you feel in control of your finances. The catch is to find a budgeting style that works for you so you will use it consistently and reach your goals. Here are some of the different types of budgeting styles you can try: Traditional Budget Zero-Based Budget 50/30/20 Budget Goal Based Budget Pay Yourself First Budget...

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Adding Dependents to Your Benefits

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Adding Dependents to Your Benefits It’s time, they’re here! You are now eligible for your health benefits. It’s an exciting moment when you are able to access your employer sponsored health benefits. It means improved health and well-being for you and your family and a weight of worry off your shoulders as the health bills are now covered. But with this new coverage can come a slew of new questions, like who is covered? When can I add them? For how long are they covered? These questions and more are often asked, and we are here to answer them...

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Government Retirement Income Sources

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Government Retirement Income Sources When it comes to retirement, there are so many things to consider: When will you stop working? What sources of income will you draw from? What will you do with your time? This well-earned milestone in your life should be walked into with as much joy and carefreeness as possible, as you deserve it. To get there it will take some knowledge and planning and we want to help you along the way. There are three government provided retirement incomes sources you may be eligible to receive that will help support...

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Diabetes & Ozempic

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Diabetes & Ozempic Did you know that over 8.9% of the Canadian population has been diagnosed with diabetes and 6.1% of Canadian adults are considered pre-diabetics? A high percentage, isn’t it? Diabetes rates are increasing not only in Canada, but around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified diabetes as one of the greatest public health challenges of this century. Continue to read the rest of our newsletter to learn more about the causes, types, and prevention methods of diabetes. Understanding Diabetes Diabetes is...

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Five Tips To Consider Before Filing Your 2022 Taxes

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Five Tips to Consider Before Filing Your 2022 Taxes It is that time of the year again! You guessed it, it’s the Tax Season. In Canada, filing your tax return every year will ensure you receive any Canadian government credits that you may be eligible for. The 2022 tax return deadline is April 30, 2023. Even if you don’t have a balance owing on your return, or don’t have an income to report, you should still file your taxes annually. If you have a spouse or common law partner, under Canadian law, they should file an income tax and benefits...

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How Inflation Impacts Your Retirement Plan

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How Inflation Impacts Your Retirement Plan “Just surviving day to day has become a big concern of mine”, “Yes, I can afford what I’m doing right now, but I’m starting to panic. I’m starting to think, ‘How am I going to keep paying for everything?”  - Morgan (65 years old retiree) In a survey done in April of 2022 for 1001 Canadians, data indicated that due to inflation, 54% of households are cutting back on dining out, 51% looking at flyers are looking for sales, and nearly half ^47%) are putting off purchases like clothing. Some households...

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Inclusion In The Workplace

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Inclusion In The Workplace As social beings, we experience the need to feel included and an accepted member in a group. Inclusivity is very essential in our lives: without it, we are vulnerable to having poor mental health and experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Our healthy self-worth and self-esteem are tied to feeling included in a group or community. When we feel like we don’t belong anywhere, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Let’s First Define Inclusion & Belongingness… The sense of belonging is defined...

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Will Preparation & Estate Planning

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Will Preparation & Estate Planning “As wise as my own father was, he never got around to creating a will, or documenting his assets and their locations. He died in 2001 and all these years later, I am still trying to finish up his estate. It was a monumental detective work just to try to figure out exactly what he had and where. To make matters worse, the assets were in multiple countries, and continents.” - Kashif Ahmed– Real Stories from Financial Advisors Do you know how to prepare a will? Have you made your will, yet? Do you know the...

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Four Tips To Manage Your Mental Health & Wellbeing During COVID-19

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Four Tips to Manage Your Mental Health & Wellbeing During COVID-19 “This disease [Coronavirus] destroys you. I was mentally devastated more than physically. The loneliness of the illness makes it that much more difficult. I was in absolute isolation the entire time. That was tough. I was thinking that I was going to die. I have lived very well, I have had a wonderful life, but maybe now it’s over. My only problem was leaving my wife alone.” - Antonio Sales Martínez (COVID19 Survivor) How have you been feeling lately? Are you feeling...

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