Ways to help you manage stress

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Ways to Help You Manage Stress

Sometimes, the amount of stress in our everyday lives can build up and seem overwhelming and unmanageable. From work to family obligations, to paying the bills, the number of things we need to do in a day can add up and put a lot of pressure on your physical and mental health. This stress can inhibit your emotions, your joy and even your ability to think clearly, throwing you out of balance.

But with the right tools the stresses of everyday life can be managed until those stresses are eased.  Here are some tools you can use to self regulate and bring yourself back to normal:

Identify the Issue that is causing stress

Is it work, your job, school or a person that is causing your stress? Identifying the root of the stress is the first step in resolving the problem.

Talk about what’s causing you the stress

Giving voice to what is stressing you can be a powerful way to release those feelings. It can also help identify things you can do to ease the problem. Talking with a loved one, or a trusted friends or counsellor can help ease the stress as well as lessen the feeling of being alone in the situation.

Get out and get yourself in nature

Spend time outside in nature wherever you are, whether that is your yard, a garden, in your community, a park or a nearby hiking trail. Being outside and enjoying nature has a lot of stress reducing affects for the mind.

Eating a balanced diet

Getting proper nutrition when you are feeling overwhelmed is an important part of managing stress. It will help make your body feel whole and strong and keep your emotions and mental health balanced. Make sure to eat a nutritious and balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables. Whenever you can, incorporate healthy versions of your favorite foods into your meals and fun foods as well! The joy in eating what is familiar, comforting or fun can help boost your mood.

Practice Mindfulness

Doing things that instill mindfulness can help train your mind to focus on the present, calm the mind and help you focus on the issues with clarity. Activities like yoga, meditation, prayer, or simple breathing exercises can be helpful.

Getting regular exercise

Move your body in ways that make you feel good. Whether that’s playing your favorite sport, swimming, going for a walk outside or dancing. The important thing is to move your body and move your body regularly. The more joy you can have in your movement the better it will make you feel and help relax your mind.

Get enough Sleep

An important part of reducing stress is getting enough sleep. Some ways to help make sure you get those needed hours of rest are getting off your phone/screens at least an hour before bed; give yourself a regular bed time; regular exercise can also help relax you and get that deep restorative sleep you need.

Above all, make sure you give yourself a lot of compassion and grace when you are feeling stressed. It can be confusing as to where to begin helping yourself when you already feel overwhelmed. Start small by incorporating one healthy habit at a time, and slowly build on the confidence that the positive changes bring.

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